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Our passions:Easy-to-use, responsive and engaging
Our duties:Advertisements, Brand Design, Package Design, Design, redesign, structure und management Creation of professional, user-friendly websites with clear design that supports your desired products,
Our specials:Design, Redesign, Corporate Identity, Sofwarepackages for hotels, events, spas Websites for Charities more
Our goal:Reach your satifaction

IT and Web support

Please insert your individual  request .
You will receive without any obligation an offer and free of charge. 

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APEX - IT Services Offered

We offer cross functional support to many businesses, with our services including the following :

  •   Consulting, system- and concept development
  •   Redesign
  •   Domain registration
  •   Web Hosting
  •   Graphics
  •   Web Design
  •   CMS, content management system
  •   Search Engine Optimisation
  •   Web application development with Perl, PHP, Java Servlet, JSP and J2EE
  •   Server administration
  •   Security
  •   Search Engine Marketing

APEX - IT Costs

You will receive a questionnaire to meet your ideas.  As soon as we have it back, we will contact you with a quotation.

During the processing of your requests  we will send you up to date information and after some consultation with you, you will receive your desired website.

Our pricing sugesstion is as follows:


from 300 €   from 450 €   from 600 €   from 750 €   from 800 €   from 900 €


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