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The Young Arts Clubs (launched by the Alpha Academy) promotes arts and artists. The local, national and international club network organises worldwide events, conferences, seminars, joint online and on-site and competitors that represents the interests of the artists and arts and culture.


You are a collector of arts

The Young Arts Club Networks connects you
with your preferred artist art gallery

Which is free of charge, takes only seconds
and allows you check and book for the next available dates
and times to your preferred.

Precondition: Apex Participant Registration
In addition you free get access to
the Apex Communication World as Apex Participant
which includes 2 advertisements free of charge

The Apex Business Club.

Benefits for Artist Professionals

Online Scheduling
Allow clients to set and reschedule
appointments anytime, from any device
Offer an online list of services, fees and scheduling options
Reduce no-shows by automating confirmations & reminders

Stay in-sync with your phone and existing calendar - Outlook, Google, iCal

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Enjoy variable presentation tools for your business or private life
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