In every area of life people need each other. Private or business.

Especially in today`s times, where the whole world is in crises : only together we have a chance to survive.

We need each other reinforced to have success, to change the world and the society in a positive way.

Primary – working with the new generation … education, health, environment ..and communication
How can we do this ? Logical consequence : Social equity and sustainable communities.

The intersection of all three areas of sustainability, economy, environment,
and equality, are necessary to the creations of a sustainable community.

Let us unite to open to the innovative sustainable project. ...more

The prototype is starting now with Alpha Academy Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in south west France.

Covering in total around 11 hectares the development prides itself on its beautiful surroundings with natural greenery being the key to freedom, peace and tranquillity.

This include sustainability aspects relating to equality, water, transportation, free energy, and waste and materials. We aim to offer a unique way of living outside the city.

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