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ABC – Media World purpose is to foster communication possibilities especially for the local community for the latest trends for sale, buy, holiday rent and long term rental from property owners,

The latest information offered by established local well known propertyowners, real estate agents, agencies and everyone who is experienced in the real estate field. It covers technology, brokerage and mortgage issues, marketing, regulations and more. Its regular contributors are from all aspects of real estate including green real estate, real estate investing and mortgage and lending.

Our mission is to increase the impact of your message and mission, more

We offer people who have a purpose-driven-mission a broad audience. We provide you free access to the local and international world of the

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  • Real Estate Agents
  • Private property owners
  • Young Entrepreneurs 18-30years
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  • Professionals coming from Arts, Care, Charity, Culture, Expats, Education, Health
  • Students &Alumnis, Juniors>30 years & Seniors < 50 years.

The Apex Business Club „ABC“,

administer reciprocity arrangements between clubs in the network, and the list of participants is progressively increasing, benefiting Real Estate Agencies and members alike.

Get help and local insights from the „ABC“- International Business Real Estate Associate

When travelling, simply log on to our website for details of available facilities at your destination. Present your ABC membership card and enjoy the welcome reserved for valued members.

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