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Article : Top 10 Golf Courses in USA

You know that PGA Tour courses are harder than your local municipal.

But how much harder?

Well, the United States Golf Association maintains a database of official course ratings for almost every golf course in America.

Check out the top ten courses →

Those rankings will let you know just how many frustrated hacks it will take you to navigate a given course.

The USGA's official course rating system was designed to measure and compare the difficulty of any golf course, using objective criteria like distance, roll, elevation, and location of hazards. The end result is a simple number given as a stroke count, that allows for a rough comparison of every course no matter how it's laid out.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/toughest-golf-courses-in-america-2011-8?op=1#ixzz3YgXJWSgc

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