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Article : Zaeem Jamal, the British luxury womenswear brand

Zaeem Jamal is a progressive and unique, British luxury womenswear brand, focusing on global heritage, craftsmanship and innovation in design and production. Combining the finest silks, chiffons and lace with expertly handcrafted embroidery and semiprecious gemstones in vibrant colours, each piece of his collections is mesmerizing.

Zaeem Jamal collection details  

The young designer’s philosophy- ‘a design alchemy in motion’ is clearly embodied into each and every one of his creations, creating a multi-dimentional experience of garments for strong, independent yet soft and feminine women across the globe.

It comes as no surprise that the multi award winning and much loved red carpet designer was named Tatler’s ‘ Best of British’ 2016. He is the epitome of British luxury and exceptional quality which has made him much sought after choice for celebrities and members of various Royal households around the world.

Zaeem JamalThe Greek Collection  Image result for zaeem jamal shoesJamal’s latest collection ‘The Greek Collection’ is inspired by the elegance, wisdom, beauty, playfulness and power of the ancient women of the pantheon. This exceptional collection of bright and playful, yet sophisticated designs embodies heritage and contemporary craftsmanship. The highest quality and most ethnically sourced fabrics truly come to life the moment Zaeem Jamal’s garments are worn. A ‘must have’ beach to bar choice for any fashionable jet setter and an effortless way to stand out from the crowd.

Zaeem Jamal  store

Zaeem Jamal shoes 

When you are visiting London, head to the iconic King’s Road in a very trendy Chelsea, and make sure to stop by at the Zaeem Jamal’s fairytail’s boutique at number 309. The staff are super friendly and helpful, their professionalism and experience shines and you would have an wonderful experience altogether.

Zaeem Jamal bride collection 

With a bridal line fit for a princess and a bespoke clothing service enabling you to work with the label and create something just for you, Jamal is fast becoming the favourite choice for the modern bride who looks for that hint of heritage and authenticity. The brand’s team will guide you through the entire process, from choosing materials to the final product, to make sure you get the perfect result you desire.

Zaeem Jamal
 309 King's Rd, London SW3 5EP, United Kingdom


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