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Article : Wine Business Course for the Wine Industry

Under the current scenario of sales, consumption trends and world economy, it has become a necessity for the hospitality and wine industries to implement new marketing and promotional techniques as well as innovative events. Marketing and promotion are one of the weakest points of the wine and hospitality industries, especially in Europe.

Another of the weak areas of the industry is its events, which could reach potential consumers and boost consumption. Most wine and food events rely on guided tastings, trade fairs, competitions and sampling. These events, although necessary for the industry must be improved to make them more entertaining and appealing. New types of events need to be implemented, directed to potential consumers.

Taking the above into consideration, The American College in Spain in association with Chrand Marketing & Events has developed a seminar that focuses in improving the mentioned areas. With the help of Chrand the course offers marketing and event management strategies taken from the world of sport, music and entertainment applied to the hospitality and wine industry.


Course Content

  1. Basic marketing concepts
  2. Analysis of the wine industry
  3. Marketing for the Hospitality industry
  4. Organization and management of events
  5. Neuro-marketing
  6. Sponsorship negotiation
  7. Sales and promotions for the hospitality industry
  8. Practical sessions
  9. Public speaking at presentations and tastings
  10. Internet & Social Media
  11. Wine Tourism

Course Objectives

  1. Learn the basic concepts of marketing and promotion.
  2. Apply promotion and marketing techniques to the food & wine industry and hospitality sectors.
  3. Plan, organize and manage effective events.
  4. Learn how to design and conduct tastings, wine events and food events.
  5. Learn how to design marketing and promotional campaigns.
  6. Learn improved sales techniques.
  7. How to improve sales in the hospitality industry.
  8. Learn public speaking techniques for conducting wine tastings, product presentations and conferences.
  9. Learn the latest trends in neuromarketing and its application to the food & wine industry.


Course Target

This course has been designed especially to cater for the needs of all the professionals working in the wine and hospitality industry.

  • Restaurant staff
  • Importers & Distributors
  • F & B personnel
  • Hotels staff
  • Sommeliers
  • Winemakers & Winery personnel
  • Marketing staff
  • Retailers
  • Export personnel
  • Wine shops
  • PR & Communications
  • Journalists and bloggers
  • Organizers of trade fairs and events

Example of the Program

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
09.30 – Presentation 09.30 – Event Management 09.30 – Wine Tourism
10.30 – The industry 10.30 - Sponsorship 10.30 – Social Media
11.30 - Coffee Break 11.30 - Coffee Break 11.30 - Coffee Break
12.00 - Marketing I 12.00 - Public speaking 12.00 – Practical work
13.30 - Lunch 13.30 – Lunch 13.30 – Lunch
14.30 – Marketing II 14.30 – The Hospitality Industry
16.00 – Neuromarketing 16.00 – Practical work

To obtain the certification on “Wine Business Course”, you will need to successfully complete a final test, which usually consists of the realization and presentation of a marketing work done in a team.



Fees: 363€ (VAT included)

Registration for the Wine Business & Marketing Course includes:

  • Course of 15 - 18 hours of duration (2,5 days).
  • Audiovisual presentations.
  • Practical work.
  • Diploma of participation issued by The American College in Spain.
  • Digital study material.

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Posted on 11 May 2018, 18:36:13

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