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Article : Tony Fung has a vision of a tourism mega-site at Nathan Tinkler’s Patinack Farm

HONG KONG billionaire Tony Fung will release plans in six weeks for development of what could be one of the biggest tourism sites in the country - at Nathan Tinkler’s former Patinack Farm.

The Aquis Group chairman snapped up four parcels of land owned by Patinack Farms in the Gold Coast Hinterland for a mere $15 million last month, including Wadham Park (33.64ha), Elysian Fields (56.97ha), Saravale (73.26ha) and Benobble (283.40ha).


Mr Fung’s leading option was to consolidate the plots into a single “mega-site” of 447.27 hectares, which would make any tourism development over 15 times larger than Australia Zoo (29 ha).

The consolidated site was also over 100 hectares larger than the site of Mr Fung’s $8.15 billion Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort which he has planned for the Cairns region (spread over 340.6 hectares).

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