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Article : Singapore Activities
Singapore Activities

The Singapore sea is known for its non-existent waves. The good thing about that is these still waters make us one of the best countries to do Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in. It's an activity suitable for all ages - Rachel here who runs her own SUP business was SUPPING even while she was pregnant! It's a fun activity for family and kids and even dogs. I am not kidding, check out her page! She rents out her SUP boards at $60 for 2 hours.

And for the more macho people reading this and going "meh", you will be happy to know Olympian athletes use SUP for their muscle and balance training. Looking at her pictures makes me wanna go SUPing all over to the Merlion park where I will be like SUP??!? to all the tourists. They won't get the joke, (not their fault, its lame) then there will be an awkward silence before they whip out their phones and start taking pictures.

Auhor : unknown Posted on 27 March 2016, 21:10:48
Source of Article : http://thesmartlocal.com/attraction/attraction-editorial-guides/things-to-do
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