Be an ABC Ambassador
Governments, Businesses, Communities, Organisations and Individuals Family-be part of our system and connect local interests with global ones Being part of such a community can be rewarding and can bring about new inspiration and change to your world as you connect to the worlds of others.

Building up a global ABC network
In order for our vision to succeed we are looking for people worldwide, who are convinced by our vision and wish to bring change to their own communities. 

ABC Community needs ambassadors who can introduce
ABC Community message, connect us to their communities, and help promote events and activities.

Why your business should participate?
Who are you ?
Whether you’re a leader and a connector at your local school, neighborhood, faith-based community or affiliate non-profit organization, if you are willing to participate, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Let us know what community you represent.
What do you have to do ?
We want to connect to local governments, organisations, institutions, communities, individuals and everyone who is interested.
Even only giving us the contact information of someone who you know might take an interest in ABC or someone who is responsible for your group’s communications is sincerely-appreciated.
Additionally to connecting communities all across the globe, we offer a variety of events and programs everyone can take part in. See more
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