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Alpha Academy Gifted Development Center, more
Alpha Academy Gifted Development Center
The Alpha Academy has served as a resource center for gifted and talented children and their parents, and for gifted individuals of all ages. We provide in-depth assessment, counseling, consulting services and innovative materials. We've collected contact information from schools, institutes and experts specializing in gifted education from all over the world.
Counseling efforts focus on:
  • Acknowledgment of giftedness and exploration of its full implications
  • Career and educational choices
  • Dealing with psychological
  • Dealing with support provider, institutes, universities & More

Why is Individual IQ Testing Needed?, more
Testing provides us unusual access to understanding the highly complex cognitive abilities of gifted children and insight into ways to support their gifts. Of all the opportunities parents provide to support children's strengths and promote their interests, testing offers invaluable insight into the child's needs and a road map for the future, especially when a full analysis of score rankings and their implications are provided. A professional evaluation can verify cognitive strengths, assess academic achievement, and recommend specific strategies to meet a child's needs at school. It can document the need for advanced work and less drill and practice. Testers of the gifted can usually suggest resources, and may also be able to help with advocacy after testing, such as conferring with a teacher or principal about special provisions.

School Screeners versus Professional Assessment, more
Limited funding for the identification of gifted children in schools generally confines gifted assessment to IQ screeners administered by teachers or gifted program personnel. Screeners are used for accepting or rejecting children from gifted programs, but lack in-depth diagnostic capability. They are often administered in groups, ruling out critical observation of the way in which a child addresses a variety of tasks and making distractible children vulnerable to depressed scores. Moreover, they generally utilize multiple-choice questions, which gifted children tend to interpret as more complex than they are.

Please note, IQ Testing are in great variety online available, some are free of charge, only few of them are really helpful, for make more clear about the ability the giftedness .

Enclosed some examples of online testing , if you have found additional testing methods, please forward to our expert for high gifted.

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