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Be an ABC - SUPERGREEN CLUB Community Ambassador
Family, friends, neighbors, schools, employers, congregations, service and social groups, non-profits and associations, fan clubs and athletics – from households to global citizenry – we connect as individuals to groups with a shared, common interest. 
Whether addressing issues through a neighborhood citizen association, supporting school activities in which our children participate, serving the faith-based community or other volunteer efforts, we are all driven to participate and engage – to be part of a community.

And the effort to “go green” is no exception.
Recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy, transit and other car alternatives, and local food sources – in all these areas among others, the call to “go green” has spread far and wide across the nation. 

Harnessing that broad interest, Apex Green Community  concentrates on the connections necessary to make a local model for sustainable living.
Making those grassroots connections among residents, businesses and government has enabled Apex  Green Community to build a solid foundation toward meeting our mission of serving as a catalyst and trusted resource in building a healthy economy and sustainable community.

Now we’re looking to expand and strengthen our relationships with various communities worldwide.
To be successful, we are actively identifying people who can support our outreach efforts into their communities.

ABC - SUPERGREEN CLUB Community needs ambassadors who can introduce
ABC - SUPERGREEN CLUB Community message, connect us to their communities, and help promote events and activities.

Who are you ?
Whether you’re a leader and a connector at your local school, neighborhood, faith-based community or affiliate non-profit organization, if you are willing to participate, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Let us know what community you represent.
What do you have to do ?
We want to connect to neighborhood associations, schools, service organizations, the faith-based community and more.
Your help can be as simple as providing the contact information of the person who handles your group’s communications to taking an active role in ABC - SUPERGREEN CLUB Community outreach.
In addition to presenting information about Bethesda Green … delete at functions such as neighborhood meetings, school events and community street festivals, we invite the community’s participation in a variety of events and activities.
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