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Event Dome Uses

Projection Domes – An Immersive Viewer Experience

Our carefully engineered projection domes provide a perfect 360° viewing environment. Our patented negative air pressure system is state-of-the-art. Our partner companies, Obscura Digital, Vortex Immersion, and Immersive Experiential, are experts in creative projection technology. Together, we create multi-sensory, interactive learning and entertainment experiences for large-scale events. These domes make perfect portable or permanent Planetariums. Visit our Projection Dome Gallery

Illumination Domes – An Affordable Projection Solution

Perfect for night time digital projections, our translucent Event-Lite architectural fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome. The Event-Lite is 100% tightly woven polyester, 7 oz./sq. Yard, fire retardant, water/mildew resistant, and available in many colors. This fabric is lightweight, easy to install, and has a clean matte finish. Visit our Illumination Dome Gallery

Projection Spheres
The world’s first Projection Spheree

Walk into a sphere of projection above, beneath, and all around you. Experience the wonder of a 360° projection sphere. A true engineering triumph, our fully immersive spheres can be installed in a single day. The sphere is assembled from prefabricated modular triangles that give it unparalleled strength. You’ll have to see it to believe it; explore our gallery to witness our Dubai 360 project and other successful installations. Visit our Projection Sphere Gallery


Enjoy a “Fuller” view of the universe inside a Planetarium Dome. Read more…
Modeled after Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic blueprint, Pacific Domes designed the largest Planetarium Dome on earth. Not only is it portable, but our dome theater can be implemented for one tenth the price of other planetarium systems. Our Planetarium Dome can be used for educational and entertainment purposes involving astronomy, celestial navigation, climate change, and inspirational story-telling. Adopt a “Fuller” cosmic and world view with our domes. Visit our Planetarium Domes Gallery

Corporate Events & Conventions

Pacific Domes Event Domes have been celebrated by some of the world’s top companies. The futuristic ambience of our geodesic domes is the perfect setting for any corporation that values innovation, creativity, and originality. Our expansive dome canopies are bound to leave your attendees in awe. A perfect choice for any size event, let us make your company dreams come true.

Trade Shows & Trade Show Booths

Our Event Domes provide a visually striking alternative to conventional square tents. With diameters ranging from 16ft – 120ft, our domes provide expansive interior space for your client’s layout. They capture attention from every angle, offering high visibility for branding and advertising. Our event domes are very popular for experiential and mobile marketing campaigns.

Product Launches

The world’s first Projection Sphere
Enliven Your Event: Pacific Domes will transform your product launch into a unique and memorable experience. Event domes are remarkably versatile and completely open to your creativity, so let them speak to your imagination. The portability and quick installation of our dome tents make them a perfect choice for promotional tours. Find out for yourself why businesses large and small turn to Pacific Domes for their marketing and event needs.

Promotional Tours

Assured Success: From design to installation, Pacific Domes will make sure your tour is successful. Our experienced team will tend to every detail of your event. Both highly durable and portable, our domes will follow your company’s unique innovations. Explore our gallery to see successful tours with Gatorade, Timex, and North Face.

Art & Music

Pacific Domes are perfect for temporary or permanent art installations. Domes are free standing, so there are no poles to obscure the viewer’s experience. Our geodesic domes are spacious and stunning; they offer an experience that fills people with creative inspiration. Our art gallery domes are perfect for portable art galleries because they provide cool, naturally lit canopies to enhance presentation.

Performing Arts

Set the stage with Pacific Domes. Create a breathtaking atmosphere in which to showcase your performance. The interior is open to your creativity and can accommodate large audiences. Our free-standing Event Domes for performing arts require no support poles to obstruct the viewing experience. The geodesic design of our framework is extremely strong and can support aerial performers as well as sound and lighting trusses. We engineer each frame specifically for your weight load requirements. The cover may also be used as a projection screen for light shows and digital artwork. For evening events, the translucent fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome.


Pacific Domes has created the world’s first rapidly deployable Amphitheater Dome, a gorgeous display of geodesic engineering. The Amphitheater Dome makes a beautiful and interactive concert venue, with the ability project immersive surround sound. Domes are the perfect surface for visual art projection. There are no center beams to interfere with viewing, making every seat feel like the best-in-house. The exquisite truss system is the most safe and reliable housing for your stage.

>Festivals & Parties

Pacific Domes has provided beautiful structures for large art and music festivals all over the word, such as Burning Man, Coachella, Outside Lands, Sapporo Jazz Festival, Winter Warp Drive, Boomfest, and more. The entire interior is open to your creativity and can accommodate large audiences. The geodesic framework will support aerial performers, as well as sound and lighting trusses. The cover is a perfect projection screen for light shows and digital projection. For nighttime events, the translucent fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome. See how the structure of our domes foster a sense of community, awe, and inspiration at festival gatherings.


Celebrate in Style: Pacific Domes Wedding Domes have an expansive geometry guaranteed to create a unique environment for your guests. Our domes create a simple yet elegant way to celebrate your union. The perfect symmetry of a Pacific Dome cultivates an environment of peace, harmony, and communion. Our domes can be used for all parts of your special day, from the wedding ceremony to the banquet. Talk to us about making your dream wedding come true.

Sports Domes

Pacific Domes Sports Domes are loved by athletes and spectators alike. The portability and quick installation make the dome an instant ski resort. During warmer seasons, the dome provides relief from the sun. From Olympic size events to small tournaments, Pacific Domes has been on the scene. Enhance your game, tournament, or competition with the inspirational design of a geodesic dome.

VR / Gaming Domes

Immerse yourself in a virtual augmented reality with a Pacific Domes. Our patented negative air pressure projection lining system is the perfect platform for 360° image projection. Our VR domes are built to create an impressive, realistic, and out of the ordinary gaming setup. The sound acoustics in our domes are unparalleled, able to take your playing experience to the next level. Game simulator enthusiasts will be in virtual heaven once inside our gaming dome.

Movie Sets & Film Studio Domes

The Pacific Domes Multimedia Dome is a location film-makers dream. Now you can bring your indoor movie studio to your ideal outdoor location. Our Multimedia Domes offer full event lighting and sound solution, providing a true center stage for your performers. Obscura Digital, our sister company, offers surround sound and projection to transform your dome into an immersive environment. Our Multimedia Dome can be used as a film studio with a green screen, or a surround projection theater with a silver screen.

Roof Top Lounges

Be on top of your skyscraper with a Pacific Domes Rooftop Lounge Dome. Nightlife establishments can add unique beauty to outdoor rooftop lounges or dining areas. The addition of a dome venue to your terrace will become the talk of the town as well as a source of revenue. Our geodesic domes can handle rooftop winds, while keeping your patrons in a protected bubble. Attract visitors and create a unique, futuristic look to your personal space or professional establishment with our domes.

Ice Bars!

Cold, but so very cool! Magic happens inside our Ice bar domes. They become the center of every holiday event the moment they freeze! Pacific Domes Ice Bar Domes have been the main feature of award winning ski resorts. Have a look at our gallery to see how our domes double as makeshift igloos.