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The Apex Investment Trust Networks sells or buys in behalf of our Apex Business Group Members luxury estates, famous paintings, and rare treasures to discerning clients around the world, also through auctions. We have a footprint in more than 66 countries around the e.g.

  • Luxury Fine Estates
  • Commercial Investments
  • Arts Investments

The Apex Investments is a global network that offers the world’s most discerning clientele the opportunity to sell or acquire the rarest, most exceptional treasures at Auction through Retail, and by Private Sales. Apex Investments has a global network in 66 countries

The Apex Investments represents and advises investors for international Trading and Investing.

The Apex Asset Investments work in different investment areas including stocks, bonds, real estate, master limited partnerships, private equity, and more.

Through our global network, we advise support and represent companies worldwide, that wish to develop, expand, buy or sell their business activities locally and abroad.

We offer concept and system development, asset management offering a broad specter of investing and trading in finance, hospitality-, residential-, commercial real estate.

Luxury Estates