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Engineering Capital is a venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley. The firm was established in 2015 with an initial $32 million fund of investment capital. The firm subsequently raised $47.5 million for its second seed fund in 2017. The firm's limited partners include a combination of institutional investors such as a university endowment, a foundation and a fund-of-funds, as well as individuals such as serial entrepreneur and university lecturer Steve Blank, GGV Capital Founding Partner Scott Bonham, Invati Capital founder Mukesh Patel, and Kathryn Gould, a pioneer female venture capitalist.[5] Cedana Capital, a firm which has previously invested in micro-VC funds, is also an investor in Engineering Capital. Engineering Capital typically invests in seed stage startups. Its portfolio companies include Baffle, CloudHelix, Datawise, Datos IO, Kentik Technologies, Menlo Security, SignalFX, and StackStorm. Successful exits include Palerra which was acquired by Oracle Corporation.