You can get involved in ABC Open in lots of different ways. We invite everyone to share his or her story with the world. With the assistance of our experienced producers, it is possible to realise a huge variety of ideas and learn more about storytelling and the world of online media.

ABC Open is a participation project for communities. ABC Open would like to assist people in creating and distributing their ideas, work and experiences. We would like people to feel that they have created something and that they have spent their time doing something worthwhile; that they have attained new skills and found an appreciative audience to share their stories and experiences with.

We wish to help people realise their dreams and would like to help people share their experiences and ideas with the local and global community. Though we welcome people with skills, ABC Open is not merely concentrated on professionals, but on all individuals interested in sharing their ideas.

Additionally, the ABC doesn't own the content you submit –we are not telling you what to do with the content you created; you are free to use it for their own purposes, and the ABC does not make money out of it - unlike other sites which raise revenue through advertising.

In short what we offer is: Skills development - distribution - context - community

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